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FOX Business
Jan 1, 2013 1:00pm EST
us from san francisco. had rino which cannot get scammed? >> we spend our time making sure the loans on the website are legitimate. we do it through three methods. we find local field partners to make sure their legitimate organizations they are the business plans of the men and women. a farmer in the philippines trying to buy a cow for a dairy business. they get on the website from the local field partner. then there audit to make sure it is true. if not, then we shut them down. as you get to repaid you know, the business has earned enough money to pay you back. then you can withdraw the money back or landed to another entreprenuership. john: looking at the distance i would assume most do not get paid back? >> over the last seven years repayment is an 98%? that is hard to believe. why? >> the poorest people on the planet, a 2.5 billion the wonders served by the banks don't have collateral or credit scores. but they have friends and neighbors and self select and to group of women, over 80 percent go to women the mud they pick people that theyey trust. if one of the eight women
FOX Business
Jan 20, 2013 9:00pm EST
terrible idea says leland yee from san francisco. from texas, susanna likes the idea of the teachers packing heat. >> because of my background i know what it is like to be in a defenseless situation that is there to execute lawyers can protect themselves, chiropractors can protect themselves, why can't teachers? they are like second-class citizens. john: years ago you restaurant when a dead man came in and killed your mom and dad? >> 23 people. the first real mass shooting in 1991. john: people say tougher gun laws. views say the opposite. and you wrote a book about it. explain your reasoning. >> at that time you could not get a concealed carry permit. they did not exist. i would leave my gun in my car we were having lunch. a mad man drove his truck to the window and began executing people. i cannot tell you what it is like to be a fish in a girl waiting to be your turn. it just prevented us from being able to protect ourselves. john: leland yee you disagree? >> i used to work in the school as a psychologist. i don't know if any teacher or administrator that wants to carry a gun into
FOX Business
Jan 1, 2013 9:00am EST
? >> i didn't look f no job. that was my job. >> panhandling as a job is common in san francisco, young, healthy kid beg for spare change. >> got to eat. got drink. >> tried to interview some of the kids. >> wake up in the morning, start drinking, good to bed, do it again. pretty much the same. >> they have the most deep-seated sense of entitlement i've ever come across. >> want to be able to sit where we want to. >> nobody is going to make us. >> punish homeless people for being homeless when insufficient shelter space is unavailable. >> homeless advocates say government should solve this problem by spending more on social services, shelter, subsidies for affordable housing, jobs programs. >> this is a solution that is utterly irrelevant to these kids bought they're not planning on settling down. they don't want housing. >> rely on the generosity of othe. >> and there's some generous people. >> there sure are. >> thank you so much, sir. >> this beggar collected $8 in less than an hour. >> half minimum wage. >> can you help me, mam? >> that's me with a beard. >> thank you. >> since peop
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)